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Here at Ravensthorpe Community Centre we provide a wide range of Adult Learning courses (19+ year olds) in venues around North Kirklees to help individuals learn and develop their skills. We are passionate in promoting and providing education and skill building for all.


Our courses range from ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Employability Skills, Basic IT and more such as Creative Skills and Family Wellbeing. These help individuals develop both life and employability skills. We also hold workshops such as Confidence Building, Gardening and more that further boost an individual’s skills. 


All of our courses are free of charge and run on an academic time frame of 12- 20 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). Our workshops are on a smaller basis with a time frame of 4 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)


We also partner with external providers for other courses such as Childcare, Beauty, and Security that run at the centre. We are always open to running different courses that will benefit our general public.

Adult Learning
Positive Parenting/Family Wellbeing
A health & wellbeing course dedicated to building healthy family relationships, habits, and more.
Essential Maths Skills
A self development and life skills course to help build and develop basic maths skills
Basic IT
Learn basic IT skills and modern communication devices needed for everyday and work life
Lets Chat in English
An employability course to help English learners feel more confident in speaking
Speaking with Confidence
Learn to speak with confidence and improve communication skills on this Self- Development & Life Skills course
Employability & Digital Skills
A key course in developing and improving your employability skills through CV building, personal statement prep, interview skills, and more.
Lets Read in English
Develop your English reading skills through everyday texts
Adult Learning
Employability Skills Workshop
A great way to enhance your employability skills through CV writing, interview prep and more
Confidence Building Workshop
A confidence building workshop to overcome negative thoughts and feel more confident in achieving goals
Adult Learning
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Adult Learning

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Ravensthorpe Community Centre operates 5 days a week - Mondays to Friday [9AM - 4.30PM]. Feel free to visit our centre or call on 01924 510 030 for further information and enquries.


To contact the Adult Learning directly please call 01924 978 911 for further enquries.